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The Leatherman Tread Fits A Multitool Onto Your Watchband


I admit, I’m a big fan of multitools. My keychain is festooned with them. I have them all over my house. Multipurpose little hand tools fill me with a glee about form meeting function that’s hard to explain unless you share my unhealthy taste for complicated bits of metal. Still,...

Flint Laces Turn Your Boots Into A Multitool


I’m obsessed with multitools, even though I don’t need them and I’m not a survivalist. There’s something about creating maximum efficiency out of what was once wasted space that just makes what is apparently a boring nerdy engineer who lives inside me enormously happy. And yes, that extends to shoelaces....

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The Recon 6 Combines A Multitool And A Watch


If you’re like me, you like being prepared. I go around with several tools on my keychain, mostly because while I don’t need wire strippers or a wrench every day, I need them just often enough to keep them on me. But some people want to be a little more...

in1 iphone case

In1 Multitool iPhone 5S Case Covers All Your Tool Needs

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Multitools and iPhone cases wouldn’t seem to go together, but that hasn’t stopped fans of both from trying and largely succeeding. But if you want a case that’s not only easy to use, but won’t get your phone impounded by an airport security guard, the In1 might just be the...


Switch Modular Pocket Knife Lets You Pick The Tools


As I am a nerd, and a former Boy Scout, I love having multi-tools in my pockets. They’re useful for any number of reasons, of course, ranging from opening boxes to minor fixes, and it’s nice to be ready for anything. But multitools are really “configurable”… at least until the...


Fix It Sticks: A Smart Tool For Cyclists


If you’re a bicyclist, you will, at some point, have to tighten various objects on your bike. It’s just a fact of bike ownership. And it can be an enormous pain in the butt. But Fix-It Sticks has a smart solution to this problem that may just make them a...