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Sansa Fuse Plus

SanDisk Refreshes MP3 Player Line Up With Sansa Fuse+


SanDisk has taken another stab at the MP3 player market and updated their Sansa line with the Sansa Fuse+. They’re avoiding all things touchscreen (we’re guessing partially to do with the cost issue) and instead have opted for a touch sensitive directional pad that is said to be equitable in...

Philips GoGear Connect

Philips GoGear Connect Is The First Android MP4 Player


The iPod Touch has long remained the champion in its space, that is until today.  Philips GoGear Connect is for all intense and purposes an iPod Touch running the Android OS with access to the Android store. In terms of specs: 3.2-inch touchscreen (480×320), WiFi, GPS, a wide variety of...