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WaterProof MP3 Speaker Case By Sanwa


Capable of mounting directly to your handlebars or fastening to your belt loop this waterproof speaker case by Sanwa may be a nice choice for those of you who like to ride your bike in the rain.  If you happen to live and ride in Portland Oregon, it could be...


Yubz Magnum BlueTooth Speaker Review

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In a land where product names have nothing to do with anything, Yubz reigns supreme.  Put the word Magnum next to Yubz and now you’re onto something. The Yubz Magnum is a wireless speaker that will connect to any BlueTooth device.  The Magnum is capable of playing music as well...


Mix Meister USB Recorder/Converter From Ion


Most digital MP3 converters we’ve seen so far have been bulky and expensive.  It’s about time we get one that is compact and more affordable.  Looking to be that remedy is the Ion Mix Meister.  Easy as Sunday morning (see the pic below), this USB music converter will effectively help...


PodXtreme Amplified Speaker Could Make A Great Necklace


Straight from the pages of your favorite airline catalog SkyMall, comes the PodXtreme Amplified Speaker for any gadget that has a headphone jack.  This tiny little speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing for a much louder sound that other speakers of this ilk can’t offer because they...


Panasonic RR-US550 Records in MP3

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If you’re one of those folks who depend on a tiny handheld tape recorder for your note-taking, be you a student or in business, then you’ll be ecstatic to hear about the new line of personal recorders out from Panasonic, the RR series. There are four models in the RR...


Zune HD Will Be Available In The US Only


With next week’s September 15th release of Microsoft’s potential “Worm in the Apple” Zune HD, word has reached the Blogs that the product will only be available on US soil.  Seemingly looking to bring a different experience to international markets, no announcement has been made as of yet in regards...


Denon Record Player MP3 Encoder


Doesn’t it seem like this product should have arrived a long time ago?  While people swear by the fidelity of vinyl , they can’t deny the portability of MP3.  The Denon DP-200USB Record Player MP3 Encoder has a handy USB input on the front of the player for easy jamming...


Tenori-On Midi Like Sequencer Is One Crazy Gadget


This is probably one of the oddest pieces of kit I’ve ever seen. Unlike most gadgets, its utilitarian value is far from transparent. So what’s it do? The Tenori-On, made by Yamaha, is a midi sequencer of sorts that pulls audio files from an SD card. The audio is represented...


iPig For The iPod Hogs All The Sound


If your scratching your head, don’t worry, I am too.  The iPig is one odd product, but surprisingly it boasts some pretty good specs considering its small footprint.  It’s rockin’ 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer – I assume the Sub shoots down.  Total output is 25 watts and they’ve also...