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ChocoShuffle Case Is Sweet Serenity For 3rd Gen Shuffle


It’s pretty obvious that Apple’s latest Shuffle isn’t full of flavor and flare.  So, sweeten it up a bit with SwitchEasy’s ChocoShuffle case.  It reminds me of the fridge magnets from my childhood that I always wanted to pop in my mouth.  They’re available in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and...


iRiver SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 Player Submerges


I assure you the Borg are not invading (Star Trek reference).  In fact you’re looking at the cobranded iRiver SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 player.  If you haven’t figured it out, the SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat is completely waterproof up to 9 feet and includes 2GB of storage and an 8 hour...


Gadget Leak: Zune HD, The Next Gen Of Zunage

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You’ve just laid your eyes on what is possibly the new Zune HD. Chicka what?!? Actually, you’re seeing artwork and not the actual device, but you get the point. Any who, the click wheel as been done away with and probably replaced with a ‘home’ button and touchscreen input. Reports...


Gadget Leak: Archos 2 Shows Up On Amazon


Funny, because as soon as you remove a page from your website after a rumor is associated with it, it only does one thing: verify the rumor.  And that’s exactly what Amazon has done with the Archos 2, a budget centric MP3 player that is neither a beauty or a...


Solar Powered PMP: Shiro SQ-S


We’re no strangers to the wind or sun powered MP3 players, so as the Aussie’s say, ‘throw another one on the barbie’.  Shiro’s SQ-S is your garden variety PMP only it sports solar panels on its backside, which if charged basked in the sun continuously for 4 hours you’ll get...


Gears Of War 2 Zune Now Available For Preorder


By now you’ve heard of the special edition Gears of War 2 Zune.  The 120GB PMP comes with over 244 pieces of Gears of War media and there will be less than 6,000 of them available for purchase.  So if you’re a die hard GW gamer, you might wanna preorder...