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Creative zen-xfi-style

Creative Pops Out ‘Zen Style’ MP3 Players


Creative has been churning out MP3 players for years now, and they’re continuing on with their schedule with the new ZEN Style and ZEN X-Fi Style portable media players. The Zen X-Fi, the fancier of the two, features a 2.4-inch display, either 8,16, or 32GB storage, microphone and TV out,...

Zune 4.5

Zune 4.5 Software Now Available


Zune users rejoice, 4.5 has been bestowed upon your PMP.  Just plug in the device and get a syncing. So what does it add? Smart DJ, which we showed you last week at the Zune House here in LA.  Microsoft has also increased the codec compatibility of the player by...


Cowon’s J3 MP3 Player Gets Official


Remember Cowon’s J3 MP3 player that we told you about a few weeks ago?  Well, at the time the details, which were few and far between, came by way of a design award’s website.  But today the company finally got official with the PMP. So what can we expect?  A...

coby-mp570 mp3 player

Coby MP570 MP3 Player Might Be Too Sleek For Its Own Good

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My only experience with Coby has been some sub-par sets of headphones, but apparently the company also makes pod-shaped MP3 players. The MP570 includes 2GB flash storage, supports MP3 and WMA format, and features five hours of battery life. Yeah…exciting. Where’s the pause button, anyway? Pricing and availability for the...

Cross MP3 Player

Cross MP3 Player (video)


Listening to the game while attending church next Sunday might be a tad easier if you score the 4GB Cross MP3 Player. The face of the device has a 2-inch color display and 5 nav buttons for easy navigation. Surprisingly it even has a 7 band equalizer, built-in speaker/mic and...

Cowon J3

J3 Is Cowon’s Next MP3 Player, Finished In Brushed Metal


PMPs are all the rage these days, bringing music, pictures, and videos to your pocket for those long train rides and various other kinds of downtime. Cowon’s new J3 PMP player hopes to bring that experience to you in a cool-looking device, promising a 3.3. inch AMOLED touchscreen (with a...

Lego MP3 player

Lego MP3 Player


The Lego MP3 player might be suitable for ages 5 years or older, but something tells me the only people that will be buying this gadget are the 30 somethings that grew up stacking these multicolored blocks. The player sports 2GB of storage, an 8 hour rechargeable battery, LCD screen...