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Dingoo A320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator

Dingoo A320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator Review


One of the problems that game designers have faced in recent years is how to take the hours-long, intensive gaming experiences like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 3, and make them portable, without chaining a player to his device for long stretches. Attempts have been made,...

7th gen iPod Nano

7th Gen iPod Nano with Camera Rumor Reemerges


Pictures of 7th generation iPad Nano reemerged yesterday.  As discussed in a previous leak, the next gen iPad Nano will include a 1.3 megapixel camera.  A source that is supposedly close to the project stated that the new Nano won’t have a built-in clip, unlike the current gen version, to...

Sansa Fuse Plus

SanDisk Refreshes MP3 Player Line Up With Sansa Fuse+


SanDisk has taken another stab at the MP3 player market and updated their Sansa line with the Sansa Fuse+. They’re avoiding all things touchscreen (we’re guessing partially to do with the cost issue) and instead have opted for a touch sensitive directional pad that is said to be equitable in...


Human Skull USB MP3 Player

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Okay, so this isn’t the classiest thing out there, but c’mon, skulls are cool. The Human Skull USB MP3 Player, from Brando, is a portable skull that has glowing eyes sure to freak people out on the street at night. It can also be used as a speaker for other...


Sony’s NWZ-E350 MP3 Players Are Affordable


Sony’s new NWZ-E350 series aims to offer a smooth multimedia experience at a cheap price point. You’ll get 50 hours of audio playback (mp3 files at 128 kbps) and 10 hours of video. Audio formats include MP3, WMA (DRM), AAC (non-DRM) and linear PCM, and supported video is WMV (DRM). There’s...

sony e450

Do Karaoke On The Go With Sony’s New E450 Walkman


People love karaoke. Okay, not everyone, but a lot of people do (especially the Japanese). Which is why Sony’s new E450 Walkman sounds interesting, though it’s sadly only hitting Europe at this point. It’s got a Karaoke Mode in which you sync lyrics of a song to the device, which...


Kube MP3 Player Is Cute, Makes You Hip


For those on the cutting edge of cool MP3 players, the Kube is right up your alley. It holds 8,000 songs from up to 32GB microSD memory, has a six hour rechargeable battery, and easily fits in the palm of your hand and — well, it’s a cute little cube....

Sony NWZ-W252 W Series Walkman MP3 Player - 1

Sony NWZ-W252 W Series Walkman MP3 Player Review


In the 80s and 90s Sony dominated the portable media player market.  Then Apple came along and released the iPod.  Ever since Sony has been scrapping to keep pace and finally, after many years of denial, started building iPod compatible stereos, docks and bedside alarm clocks.  So does the Sony’s...


Sony Outs Sporty, Waterproof WALKMAN NWZ-250 MP3 Player

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I’m totally cool with showering with my MP3 player and apparently that’s what Sony wants me to do with their latest, the WALKMAN NWZ-W250.  Capacity options are limited to a 2GB and 4GB model, while color choices include four sporty colors (silver, pink, green and black).  For those of you...