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Razer Vespula

Razer Vespula Mass Effect Edition Review


This is a mousepad review. Let’s get started. The Vespula is a pretty decent mousepad, one that hasn’t changed over the past few years. I did a major roundup a few years back and still have the original, so you can see what the differences are between the original and...


Ozone Trace Is A Professional Gamer’s Mousepad


Ozone, a PC gamer accessory company, has released a new extra large mousepad called the Trace specifically created for professional gamers (though I’m sure hardcore gamers can also appreciate it). Now, if you’re wondering what makes this mousepad different than any other, it’s all in the layers — four of...

Sharkoon Rush Outplay Gaming Mousepad

Rush Outplay: A Waterproof Mousepad


Here’s a good way to market a mouse pad: make it waterproof.  The Rush Outplay gaming mouse pad is resistant to water and food stains, and according to the maker, Sharkoon, offers exceptional precision gaming thanks to the “tightly woven fibers and an elaborate manufacturing process”. The Rush Outplay is...