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Action Clamp And Locking Arm Puts Your GoPro Anywhere


If you own a GoPro, you know it’s a wonderfully small and versatile little camcorder that can capture some truly dramatic footage. But how do you get the most out of it? With custom support tools like the Action Clamp and Locking Arm, of course. Support Where You Need It...


Sonnet Mounts The Mac Mini Behind Your Monitor


Apple’s Mac Mini is one of the smallest, most well-designed mini-desktops out there , taking up a small amount of space on ones desk. Now, that space might not even matter, as Sonnet has a devised a mounting system that puts the Mini behind the monitor it’s hooked up to....


DIY Helmet Cam With Bungee Cords (video)


If you’re still thinking that you need one of those uber expensive helmet cams to capture a first person perspective video, think again.  Jesse Rosten has come up with a way to use an everyday bungee cord to achieve stunning results.  Don’t believe me, then hit the video below.  All...