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Behold The Luckiest Motorcyclist Ever


Note: Sorry, YouTube removed the video :(. Motorcycle accidents are no joke. One mistimed turn, one inattentive driver, and you’ll hit something very heavy, very quickly, with no protection. But, occasionally, somebody lucks out, like this motorcyclist who dodges severe injury by being acrobatic. Stick The Landing This happens, of...

LightMode Helmets Make Safety Awesome


Motorcyclists have a tough image, but in reality, they’ve got to drive carefully, especially at night. The sad reality is in the battle of car vs. motorcyclist, the car wins, every time. Visibility becomes crucial, especially at night… so why not make it awesome? Tron Every Day Essentially, LightMode is...


Ducati Debuts The Multistrada D-Air Motorcycle Airbag


Airbags are built to save your life. By holding you in place, and thus not having you whipsaw wildly through the cabin thanks to kinetic energy, you don’t break your neck and only mildly hurt your spine. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, mostly have to hope the road won’t rise...


The Lotus C-01 Superbike Is Gloriously Impractical

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Motorcycles are rarely seen as the belles of the superpowered ball, largely thanks to the fact that the focus is often more on packing as much speed into the motor as you can instead of the styling. Which is why the Lotus C-01 stands out; it may be horribly impractical,...

SkullyHelmets 1 HelmetDesign

The Skully Helmet Mixes Good Ideas And Bad Ones


Motorcycling is dangerous. Take a doctor to a bar and he’ll pretty consistently refer to a Harley or a Kawasaki as a donorcycle, since motorcycle accidents tend to be a major source of transplant organs. So anything that reduces the risk is good, while anything that increases it is high....