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Buell Custom X1 Bike is a Beauty

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Keep dreaming if you think you’ll be able to get your hands on this custom built Buell bike. This beauty of a motorcycle, called the X1, sports a 1200cc engine, which apparently was originally destined for Harley’s Sportster Range.  The team added custom cylinder heads with over sized valves, which is...

Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit is No Joke


UD Replicas is no stranger to top shelf motorcycle suits.  They’re also no stranger to creating some of the fineset motorcycle suits that are designed to mimic movie or comic book characters.  The Tron and Star Wars Strom Trooper suits have to be some of our favorites, but their most...

Roskva electric motorcycle

Roskva Electric Motorcycle


A new electric motorcycle called Roskva is supposed to bring together the amazing technology and environmentally friendly benefits of an electric vehicle with the aesthetically pleasing styling cues of motorcycles with modern parts. A team of five students at the University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Oslo, Norway came up...


Ducati Monster Diesel


How’d you like to slip into a pair of Diesel jeans and then crawl onto a Ducati motorcycle inspired by the clothing brands lead designer, Renzo Rosso?  The two companies recently got together and gave birth to the Monster Diesel, something they’re calling an “urban military chic” inspired motorcycle. Technically the bike is...

Wazuma V8

Wazuma V8: World’s Fastest Quad Bike (video)


In our humble opinion the T-Rex is still the car come motorcycle to own.  It offers unparalleled speeds, agility and all together fun.  After all, it’s basically a motorcycle minus all the danger.  But, arguably half the fun is rooted in risk and hence why this quad bike is stomach churning attractive....