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Ronin 47

The Ronin 47 Motorcycle Has the Future Look


I don’t much care for motorcycles.  And not because they’re ugly, or often obnoxiously loud.  It’s because I don’t know how to ride them.  And nor do I dare learn, since I love me some speed.  And believe me, you can speed on just about any bike. But I just...

Keyport Slide 2.0 main

Keyport Slide 2.0 Review


ity the poor keychain — neglected, ignored and unloved. But what is a keychain today other than just a mechanism designed to scratch the smartphone sharing the same pocket? So that’s where the Keyport Slide 2.0 differs: it’s a modern means for carrying and accessing keys as well as 21st...


Voxan Wattman Motorcycle Is Fast, Powerful… And Electric?


Electric vehicles, when they’re discussed, are generally discussed in terms of cars. But what about motorcycles? Unlike cars, motorcycles are lighter, faster and easier to make and sell. Which is why Voxan is currently talking up the virtues of their Wattman bike. Watts To Miles There’s no denying the Wattman...

Beatek moto Gloves pair

Beartek moto Gloves Review


perating electronic devices while operating a moving vehicle has never been easy. Mobile devices rank at the top when it comes to this: having to press a button or tab on a Bluetooth headphone to activate a function on a smartphone means moving a hand that should best be left...


The Gunbus 410 Is The World’s Largest Motorcycle


For those who prefer two-wheeled toys will definitely be interested in the Gunbus 410. Touted as the world’s largest motorcycle, it may look like any old motorcycle, but up close it’s a monster compared to a regular bike. It measures 11.6 feet long and is 4.9 feet high and rides...