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Moto X Smartphone Cyber Monday Deal = $140 Off


Its Cyber Monday and all the deals are creeping out from the deep corner of the web – even rare smartphone deals such as the recently Moto X is no exception! For a very limited time until 5pm Central, you can get a $140 promo code for a Moto X...


Moto X vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 (comparison)


Earlier this month, Motorola unveiled the new Moto X, a successor to their flagship device revealed last summer. Just like its predecessor, the new Moto X packs top-of-the-line specifications, with some exciting new features and customizations. The new Moto X comes with more customization options through Moto Maker with leather...


The Moto X Becomes A Bit More Affordable


The Moto X, when it first debuted, had a lot in its favor; lots of customization, an up-to-date OS with new ideas, fancy magazine ads, and the fact that it was, de facto, the new Googlephone. One thing that didn’t do so well was the price; Google broke with the...


The Moto X Has A Clever Interactive Magazine Ad


One of the key features of the Moto X is that it’s available in pretty much any combination you want of colors and designs. But how to get that across with print? By using an interactive magazine ad, of course. Color Coded You can see the ad for yourself without...


Moto X On Sale for $20 at Amazon

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Got plans to get a new smartphone this weekend?  Well, if you’re NOT on Sprint, you can nab the Moto X for just $20 on contract. That’s a pretty decent price drop from when the phone first launched.  For existing Sprint customers the cost will be $50. Of note, Amazon...

Moto x vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s vs. Moto X (spec comparison)


Once again, Gadget Review takes the newly released iPhone 5S and pits it against an Android-based competitor, this time… the Motorola Moto X. The iPhone 5S, needing little introduction, has already staked a claim in the marketplace with initial shipments already sold out, and backorders piling up at the Apple...


The Moto X Comes To Republic Wireless


You might know Republic Wireless best as the call company OF THE FUTURE. OK, so it’s a mobile virtual network operator, but it’s one of the few MVNOs that’s made a go of it over the last few years. And it’s about to get a major boost. A Hardware Upgrade...

Moto X Black-2

Moto X Now Available at Verizon Wireless


The Moto X is now officially available at Verizon Wireless’ website.  Note that I said website, as word is that it won’t be available in store for the coming weeks, at least according to Gotta Be Mobile. You can nab the 4G LTE enabled handset for 200 bones with a...