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Omni VR Treadmill_f

Introducing The Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill (video)


I think we can all agree, 3D did not revolutionize the way we watch TV or the way we play games. It’s little more than a “neat” novelty that adds some immersion when done well. The lack luster adoption rate and ho-hum performance has not stopped other mad inventors from...


Playstation Move Bitch, Get Out The Way!

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Sony Computer Entertainment has just announced that its motion controlling scenario titled Move is scheduled for a fall 2010 release.  Looking to give Microsoft’s Project Natal a run for its motion sensing money, Move will require you to also purchase the PlayStation Eye Camera for full compatibility. Additionally, the motion...


Gadget Rumor: Sony Motion Sensing Controller


Word on the street is that Sony has already completed production of a new motion sensing controller to go head-to-head with Nintendo’s Wiimote.  In fact,  according to Kombo’s source, Sony has already begun to approach 3rd party game publishers requesting that the appropriate functionality be implemented in games to match...