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GadgetReview Weekly Recap


We write about a lot here at GadgetReview. So much so, that you may have missed out on something really interesting and useful. That is why, starting this week, we’ll be posting a weekly recap of a few things we believe you may want to check out. So without further...

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AIMe Will Be Your More Discreet Robotic Cameraman


Increasingly, robotic cameramen are becoming commonplace. And with reason; the ability to film more dynamic shots with a minimum of crew is highly appealing to those with limited budgets or friends who have day jobs. And now the Aime is coming to help the crewless out. Point, Swivel, and Shoot...


Philips Tapsters Likely Won’t Hit Stores


Several months back, we introduced you to the Philips Tapster headphones.  But there’s some bad news here for everyone who was looking forward to them–there’s now pretty much no way they’ll hit store shelves. The folks out at Crave on Cnet’s Asian subsidiary believe they know why, too–they don’t work....