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Special Edition Beats Solo HD Headphones


Embracing a beautiful aesthetic, the Special Edition Beats Solo HD Headphones from Monster Cable are the newest iteration of high end headphones from the company that sues everybody.  In an apparent change of heart, Monster will now donate $5 for every pair sold to the Global Fund to help eliminate...


Monster Converts Beats Headphones Into Red Sox Edition


Dr. Dre and Lebron James of all awesome people were at Fenway Park last night to allegedly get press for the new Monster Cable Beats Red Sox Edition.  Looking ridiculously sharp and eye catching, they will also run you a cool $400. But that’s nothing when it comes to team...


Monster Cable Intros New Miles Davis EarBuds


Damn these things look tight!  Having being totally snubbed by Monster Cable for past review inquiries (Dr. Dre HeadPhones), it’s unlikely that I’ll get to review these either.  Whimper… To celebrate the 50 anniversary of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album, Monster Cable is releasing a pair of limited edition...