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New Monopoly Cat Piece

Monopoly Replaces Iron Token With Cat Piece


Monopoly has a new game piece after getting rid of its iron token! It seems the Scottie dog piece has a new rival in the highly popular game with its new cat token. Fans voted in an online contest to add the new token to the Hasbro Inc. game, with...

Klingon Monopoly-2

Klingon Monopoly Will Dominate Your Galaxy


The Next Generation of Monopoly has finally arrived.  And instead of battling for motels and hotels, or Park Plaza, you’ll be in an all out battle to conquer the galaxy in Klingon Monopoly. For those with enough free time on their hands to learn the Klingon language, you’ll bask in glory...


Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition iPad Review


[Rating: 2.5] Monopoly on the iPad (along with practically every other board game) really is a given. Who the hell wouldn’t want that? We all love board games, but setup, cleanup, little plastic and metal pieces, fake money and cardboard playsets are costly space wasters. Digitize that bad boy and...