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QNIX QX2710 1440p PLS Monitor

Deals: Bang for your Buck 1440p Monitors (Under $200!)


Looking for your next gaming or power use monitor? You’d be hard-pressed to find better values than the X-Star and QNIX 1440p PLS monitors we discovered from reputable eBay sellers this morning. They’re both under $200 and offer the same picture quality as you’d find in monitors costing $100+ more....


Philips Puts Two Monitors In One

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If you do, well, anything more complicated than sending email on a computer, you probably need all the screen real estate you can get. But a dual-monitor setup can be tough to manage for quite a few of us, because they eat up real estate you need for other materials...

AOC i2757fh-1

AOC Ultra-Slim i2757FH 27in HD Display Review

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I really enjoy an unhampered high quality image. I don’t care if it’s real or imagined–illustrated or real-life photos… I have a great appreciation for the things I suck at and art is one of them (unless it’s the art of rhetorical sorcery). So when the chance arose to test...


HP ZR2740w 27-inch Monitor Review


When hardcore gamers game and serious business men/women get busy, we need adequate room to do our thing. Something that helps in spades, is a substantial amount of display real estate. Enough cannot be said for large monitors and their ability to surpass the 1080p standard. When capable of such,...


Best Deals Last Week: September 26th (List)


The past week has surely left us with a variety of different sales, with items ranging from games to cameras and TVs some new pre-orders have also come along for the ride. Here’s 10 that made a mark: 10. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX97 Digital Cameras – $279 Here’s a doozy of...


Best 10 Deals for the Week: September 19th (list)


This week has left us with savings on many different fronts. From TVs to digital cameras and even smartphones and speaker equipment there is something there for everyone. Here’s some of the ones that are still alive and stood out in the pack: 10. Altec Lansing M812 WIreless Speaker Dock...


Asus Unveils Wireless EzLink Displays At CeBit


Asus is taking the LCD monitor to new heights, or in this case distances thanks to the introduction of their Wireless EzLink LCD displays.  Users can connect their computer to their display via a Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) or Wireless USB HWA (Host Wire Adapter) and according to Asus,...