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Deals: $275 discount on this beast of a 34-inch LG 1440p Monitor


Need a beast of an editing monitor? We found a stellar deal on the 21:9 aspect ratio LG 34UM95C 1440p IPS monitor after mail-in rebate at Adorama for $625. As a photography-oriented site, you wouldn’t be surprised Adorama’s selling the monitor for its appeal to photographers looking to edit their...

Samsung S29E790C 29-inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor

Ultrawide Samsung S29E790C Curved Monitor Hits New Low of $360


Like to be totally immersed in your work? Ever edit things side by side to increase your productivity? Today we’ve got the deal for you in a 29″ Samsung S29E790C 2560×1080 curved monitor, now down to $360 via Adorama’s eBay storefront. The “industry-leading curvature of 3000R” ostensibly provides a more...

Dell Professional P2416D

Professional 1440p Monitor Under $200 at Dell Home


Need a better-than-1080p display from a reputable manufacturer? Today Dell’s selling its Dell Professional P2416D 1440p monitor for $288 after coupon STACK10. What’s more, you get a $100 eGift card as part of the deal, meaning if you already had plans to pick up a big-ticket item from Dell in...

Monoprice CrystalPro 28-inch 4K monitor

Monoprice 4K only $399 & PlayStation Plus card $39 in Deals


Thinking of upping your productivity (or lack thereof) with a higher resolution monitor? Today you can snag a Monoprice CrystalPro 28-inch 4K monitor for $400 via – you guessed it – Monoprice. Both owners and professional reviewers alike have lots of good things to say about this model, so unless...


Samsung Monitor Comes with Wireless Charging for Your Phone


Samsung has released details on one of its newest monitors, a fascinating hybrid between screen and wireless charger that is sure to have Samsung fans lining up. Wireless phone charging has seen a rapid increase in popularity within the last couple year, with the number of devices quickly proliferating. However,...

Lenovo G50-80

Lenovo Core i5 Broadwell Laptop Under $400 Today in Deals

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Want a laptop with mid-range specs for an entry-level price? Today you can snag a Lenovo G50-80 Broadwell laptop for $359. That’s with Core i5 and a full 6GB of RAM – not entry-level by any stretch, and all for under $400. Dell UltraSharp monitors are regarded as the de...

LG 29LN450W

LG 29LN450W 21:9 29″ Ultrawide TV Review


hybrid is often touted as providing the best of both worlds — in the case of the LG 29LN450W 21:9 29″ Ultrawide TV, a widescreen HDTV shares identity with a high-definition computer monitor. That the two work effectively combined is not surprising, although as can be seen, the 21:9 aspect...