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HOT WHEELS Car Maker Playset main

Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset Review

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attel’s Hot Wheels has been, and continues to be a successful toy franchise of cars and accessories that most little boys enjoy playing with. But to attain the status of a “big boy” toy, Hot Wheels has to offer even more…as in being able to actually MAKE the Hot Wheels...

Star Wars Deluxe Silicone Mold

Star Wars Deluxe Silicone Molds


Even if you’re not a huge fan of the kitchen, Star Wars fanatics will make an exception to make some Han Solo in Carbonite brownies or a gelatin droid using these super cool Star Wars Deluxe Silicone Molds that allow you to whip of some festive treats worthy of The...

Ice Ball Mold

Ice Ball Mold Makes Spherical Ice Cubes (video)

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Do you like your Whiskey on the rocks? If so, then you might be interested in the Ice Ball Mold.  According to folk lore, and some serious drinkers, the spherical piece of ice melts more slowly then cubes due to their smaller surface area, which means cooler drinks for longer...