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iPhone Vending Machine Sells Sodas By The App (video)


[GR]ba27y4_NDo4[/GR] Old vending machines are so freaking cool.  Ice-T loves them when his friends come over to hang out – he got fed up paying for their grub.  We love them because we like to see precocious kids get their arms stuck inside them.  But unfortunately neither are possible with...

Facial Recognition Cat Door

Face Recognition Cat Door


Believe it or not, Cats are of the giving type.  Wake up on any given weekend and you’ll be sure to find a dead mouse or some other small critter waiting for you in the kitchen.  Gross, I know. ...


Thanko Notebook Tripod Stand Adapter


What could be cool for musicians performing live with laptops, the Thanko Notebook Tripod Stand Adapter looks a bit suspect.  With that said, Thanko is only actually selling the aluminum adapter plate that you can affix to any standard tripod. I can’t speak to the security of this adapter, but...

iPad Kitchen Cabinet (video)


[GR]Cq6My3kEqqk[/GR] I’m still loving my iPad and while I’m apprehensive to bring it into the kitchen for fear of spilling on the touchscreen device, TUAW reader Alan Daly has found a resolve.  He modified a standard kitchen cabinet to hold the device away from splatter and spills.  In reality, it...