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Yoda Is Totally Metal…Literally


Star Wars products and mods will never, ever end. As long as there are creative geeks, there will be things like this Metal Yoda statue. Constructed by Bangkok artist Yumi Modal, this Yoda is life-size (for a puppet, anyway) and is constructed out of metal scraps and parts. Now, where’s...


Ultimate Nerddom Lies In The Dr. Who Tardis MAME Console


The BBC’s long-running Dr. Who series is one of the biggest hallmarks of sci-fi TV ever, and just like Star Wars or Star Trek, it has legions of devoted fans. Fans like the guy who created a fully working Tardis MAME Console that’s a 3/4ths scale replica of the time...


This Modded Game Boy Arcade Cabinet Is Amazing


Here’s a little nostalgia to end the week — an original Game Boy for you, first launched in 1989. Some modders took the venerable handheld and turn it into a not so portable, but awesome little arcade unit that plays Mario Land, Pokemon, and all the other great Game Boy...


Modder Puts Verizon 3G Into iPad


An enterprising modder has modded his iPad to use Verizon’s 3G network after he was dissatisfied with AT&T’s network (surely, he must be the first person to think this way…not). He removed Apple’s 3G card and replaced it with the innard’s of Verizon’s MiFi, which lets users create hotspots on...


The USBTypewriter Merges Old And New Tech (video)


No, you didn’t see that image wrong, and you certainly didn’t fall through a Steampunk time warp where GadgetReview reports on the latest typewriter wares in Victorian London (though wouldn’t that be awesome?). That typewriter, the USBTypewriter, is a fully digital and even iPad compatible keyboard. It’s the creation of a modder...


LEGO Sniper Rifle Is Fully Working (video)


An ingenious custom modder has created a fully working Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle out of LEGO Technics. It shoots LEGOs, it has a real reload and accurate aim — everything. I can’t believe the creativity of some of these guys. Check out the video to see if yourself....


Macintosh Classic iPad Stand Is Totally Retro (video)


Some enterprising Japanese modder has created the Macintosh Classic iPad stand, made from, you guessed it, an old Mac. It’s pretty funny how the size of the iPad allows it to fit within the Mac’s chassis so well. Just goes to show you how far we’ve come in twenty years....

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Bros And Mos MacBook Decals Are Manly As Hell


For those looking to add a little ruggedness to their otherwise bare MacBook, Stick With Me Baby’s “Bros and Mos” line of hair and mustache decals for your Apple logo is sure to do the trick. There are sixteen decals to choose from, half of which are just different varieties...

Iron Man Flight Simulator

Iron Man Flight Simulator (video)


When we think of flight sims, images of cockpits and joysticks come to mind.  This flight simulator however, is anything but the aforementioned scenario. Much like a hang glider you strap into a harness, which is attached an automotive engine crane and provides the sensation of floating   A giant...

Android iPhone

Android iPhone Now Available


Are you still trying to decide between an Android handset and the iPhone?  Well, don’t.  The iPhone is clearly the winner.  Why?  Because you can now install Android on the handset.  Okay, so it’s total gimmick right now since the battery life is good for about an hour, media syncing...