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NES in a cartridge

Nintendo Packed Inside Of A NES Cartridge (video)


The Nintendo Entertainment System is now 28 years old.  Can you believe it?  We can’t. Today, the hardware needed to produce the same gameplay and graphics has been shrunk to an uncanny size.  In fact it’s so small, it all fits inside of a NES cartridge, replete with AV and...

USB Flash Drive NES

NES Flash Drive Mod Is Awesome, You’re Gonna Want One


Instructuable’s user “Fungus Amungus” just wasn’t satisfied with his USB flash drive setup.  So like any good tinkerer he (or she) disassembled a NES cartridge and then retrofitted an 8GB flash drive in place of the chip. But the wow doesn’t stop there.  His next step was to convert the...

ps3 table

Get Your Game On The PlayStation Controller Table, Literally


This table, modeled after the PlayStation’s Dualshock Controller, is impressive no matter what. But it’s even cooler that it was constructed by a high school student in Australia. It’s built out of MDF and plywood, with the analog sticks attaching the glass to the base, and took 20 weeks to complete....


Custom Iron Man Xbox Lights Up (video)


As evidenced by Iron Man 2‘s box office, Iron Man is a pretty darn popular character. So this custom Iron Man Xbox 360, created by modder Zachariah Perry Cruse, should sell for a nice price on eBay, where it’s currently up for auction. It has blue LEDs that light up to...

macbook air project

This Apple Keyboard Has A MacBook Air Inside Of it


They’ve been sticking computers into monitors for a few years now, and now it looks like keyboards are the next frontier. Following in the steps of the ASUS Eee Keyboard, a modder has taken the guts of a MacBook Air and placed them within an Apple Keyboard, even carving out...

daft punk helmet

Guy Makes Custom Daft Punk Helmet In 17 Months (video)


Daft Punk are certainly a geek-approved music act. They’re in the Star Wars Cantina in commercials, and also in the upcoming Tron: Legacy. So it makes sense that some guy took 17 months to make his own version of their helmets, and documented the whole process in a video. It’s...