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Up Close with the Hamman Aventador (pics)


Tuning company Hamann have got their hands on the Lamborghini Aventador and are offering a suite of high end upgrades and a increase in power for buyers who don’t think the top model of the Lamborghini has enough power in the first place. The company wants to create a special model...

Razer Atrox

Razer Atrox Moddable Arcade Stick System

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Here’s Razer homage to button mashers and Street Fighter tournament goers and those who yearn to walk in their Houduken-laden shoes. The Razer Atrox is an arcade stick for Xbox 360. Razer says the product is the result of intense testing and evaluation with some the world’s best pro-gamers in...

Cydia Logo

18 Cydia Apps you need to Download Today


Last week, I showed you how to jailbreak your iPhone in ten relatively easy steps. Since I essentially got you started and left you hanging, I’ve gone ahead and compiled the follow-up. Below you will find a list of 18 of my favorite apps found on Cydia. Remember, while some...

SteamPunk Nintendo-1

Steampunk’d NES Video Game System


Steampunk isn’t often something we feature on Gadget Review. More often than not it’s just too far off topic for us to write about it, and honestly, doesn’t pique our interest all that much.  That being said, this Steampunk NES, as in the original Nintendo, has definitely caught our eye....


Puget DIY Aquarium PC Case Review

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Going to LAN parties and various events throughout the years, I’ve been privy to see an amazing amount of creativity from people in the world.  I’ve seen cases made from LEGOs, cases carved out of wood, and cases that had fantastic artwork sculpted into them – but none of those...

Xbox 360 Aquarium

Xbox 360 Aquarium (video)


It’s one thing to play with the fishes, another to take a swim with them.  Catch our drift?  But you’ll be doing neither with this bad ass Xbox 360 mod. Before you get too excited, though, you should know it’s not a working Xbox 360.  It’s been gutted and replaced...

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk IronMan Suit


A few years ago Iron Man was just a mere comic book hero.  Then Robert Downey Jr. stepped into the role and suddenly the character had become the talk of Tinseltown.  The movies we’re actually a bit of a disappointment since they were poorly directed, though Downey was easily the...