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Tron NES Mod Glows In The Dark


With the release date of Tron Legacy inching closer and closer, more and more cool Tron stuff is coming out of the woodwork. After the Tron Sweatshirt, we now have the Tron NES, made by a custom modder. The Tron NES is constructed out of airbrush paint with blacklight sensitive...

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Halo Replica Nerf Gun Is Fully Functional, Fully Awesome (video)


Some enterprising modder has made a fully working NERF Halo assault rifle, complete with scopelight for taking out the Covenant when it gets dark out. It goes from pistol to rifle in seconds —  NERF needs to license these things now. Check out the video and see for yourself. [GR]6vd7dkjp1oM[/GR]...


Microsoft Feels No Sorrow For Banning Over One Million Xbox Live Users With Modded Consoles


In what is going around as a MW2 inspired event, Microsoft has banned over a million Xbox Live users who have been using modded consoles online.  Word has it that MW2 appeared as a torrent before the official launch and that IW and Activision had been pressuring MS to do...