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MobileMe Mail

MobileMe Mail Now Available To All


Think MobileMe and you think iPhone wireless syncing (plus all the hurdles to get it to work).  Fresh out of beta is MobileMe Mail at  It’s pretty much a web interface that mimics the iPad’s mail app.  It should be available as part of your MobileMe subscription…we think.  Wanna...


MobileMe Turning Free On Monday?


There’s been a lot of heat on rumors recently of Apple’s paid MobileMe service becoming free, since the features it offers are becoming pretty standard (and free) nowadays from other companies like Google. BoyGeniusReport is lending some fuel to the fire, saying that some users of MobileMe have had their account...


Apple Gets Hit With More MobileMe Problems


I’m really disappointed in Apple’s iPhone 2.0 firmware update.  My iPhone’s reception is all wacked (it requires me to restart the phone periodically) and the UI is all laggy.  To add insult to injury, Apple has screwed up the launch of MobileMe.  In addition to email problems with MobileMe –...