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Zagg Is A Folding iPhone Keyboard You’ll Actually Use


Tablets are great for casual browsing, whether it’s a lighthearted game of Alphabear or poking through the Internet to discover just who the heck that guy on Law & Order actually was. But they’re not so great for the hardcore writing, coding, and general work you’ll do, which generally demands...

Mobile Dating

7 Free iOS Apps to Ignite Your Love Life


As more of our daily interests and hobbies drift online, it’s only natural that our personal lives begin to follow suit. According to findings published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the number of marriages that started with online romance was approximately one in three. Of...

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Mailbox Now Available For Android And OS X


Mailbox has quickly become a popular iOS app and will now be available for Android devices and soon for OS X users. The gesture-heavy email client from Dropbox was first an iPhone-only email app with support limited to Gmail, but then became a available for iPad users with iCloud and...


Sprint’s Early Upgrade “One Up” Plan Loses A Life


Hey, remember Sprint’s One Up early upgrade plan? Yeah, neither does anyone else: It’s being put out to pasture just four months after it was introduced. Oh Sprint. Why did you have to grab the poison mushroom? One Down The Sprint “One Up” plan was clearly inspired by T-Mobile’s similar...

IOGEAR MediaShair Hub SD Card side

IOGEAR MediaShair Hub Review


I’ll tell you why most people don’t throw parties — it’s because they don’t want to have to play the host and run around making sure everybody is having a good time, which means they themselves rarely do. So it might have seemed that I’d be stuck moving around the...

HS-930i2 earbuds

Creative Labs HS-930i2 Earbud Headphones Review


I have officially settled on a manner for which to wear those all-too-familiar earbud headsets. After fitting a pair into my ears I take the cord and wrap it once or twice around the upper back of my ears. This helps with support and keeps the darn things from slipping...