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iPhone MMS Update Now Available

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It’s here.  That’s right folks, Apple officially rolled out an update today for the iPhone that enables multimedia messaging.  It’s available now, so jack in your iPhone and get your download on....


iPhone 3G & 3GS Finally Getting MMS On September 25th


Is it too early to say FINALLY?!  Three weeks from tomorrow on Friday the 25th, iPhone 3G and 3GS owners will get the 1st stab at sending picture and video texts to a recipient of their choice. The reason AT&T claims this has taken so long is that they wanted...


MMS Coming To The iPhone Via App Store…Maybe

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Yet another iPhone firmware update and still no MMS.  Honestly, at this point, MMS is so moot (and expensive) I don’t really care.  Regardless,  Mobispine still beckons the calls of millions of tweens and teens – not to mention the money – and plans to produce a native app for...