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WildStar Pre-Order Now Live at Stores: Get a 20% Off Coupon Here!


Carbine Studios much hyped MMO WildStar hits the pre-order shelves today, with the title springing up at multiple retailers worldwide. For those of us that’s in the US, these retailer includes Amazon, GameStop, and Green Man Gaming (while Best Buy is listed on the retailer list from WildStar’s official site,...


Tera Review


When I first saw Tera, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had just come off of Star Wars the Old Republic, which while I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematic experience the combat left some things to be desired. I had also been playing Guild Wars 2 whose departure from...


Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

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With how quickly MMORPGs pop onto the scene and subsequently disappear, it’s somewhat hard to give an accurate review immediately after launch.  With MMOs, you not only have to review the initial content and accessibility, but you also need to keep going back to it after content updates and such,...


Getting Excited About A Game: Star Wars The Old Republic


As I sit here downloading the installer for one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in a long time, I’ve been able to think about what all brought me to this point, and where exactly all of my excitement for this came from.  Rather than waste time in the eventual review...