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Mits 3DTV 82-inches

Mitsubishi Offering 82-inch 3DTV For Under $4,000


Mitsubishi is offering some interesting choices in the burgeoning 3D TV market with three newly announced models, including one huge set that manages to stay under four grand. Their 3D Home Cinema HDTVs are some staggeringly big DLPs with interesting features. The 82-inch WD-82738 has StreamTV Internet Media, which includes...


DVR-BF2000: Mitsubishi’s DVR With Built-in Blu-ray Burner


Mitsubishi just released their DVR-BF2000, a DVR capable of burning recorded content directly to Blu-ray or DVD. It features a 500GB hard drive, dual tuners, SD card slot, and the ability to automatically edit out commercials. Unfortunately, it's tuner supports Japan's BS/110CS digital and analog broadcast systems, so...


Mitsubishi Starts Shipping 3D LaserVue TVs


Mitsubishi is finally shipping one of two of their LaserVue TVs.  The 65-incher is going for $7,000 and produces stunning color (twice as much as most sets) in complete 1080 hi-def.  The 73-inch set still doesn’t have a price or ship date, but the 65-inch at $7,000 should prove a...


Mitsubishi Reveals Rally Vehicle Of 2025: MMR25

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Sporting 8 omni-directional wheels (detailed in a video after the jump), the MMR25 is THE badass off road racer of the future. Incorporated in each wheel is an electric motor (this is the future of electric vehicles), providing up to 1000 miles of range on a single charge. The driver...

Mitsubishi Laservue 65-inch DLP TV Price Announced


When Mitsubishi unveiled their Laservue TVs earlier this year the only thing left to wonder was the potentially astronomical price. On Monday the electronics manufacturer made the 65-incher’s price public, $7,000. Unfortunately, they didn’t announce the price of the 73-inch box, which I’m guessing will be almost double, if not...