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MIT’s Portable Solar-Powered Desalination System


I n the Massacusetts Institute of Technology’s idea of the future, there’s a large portable desalination system that will provide 1,000 gallons of water per day to third world villages, at a cost of $8,000 per device. But right now they’re done inventing a smaller, 80 gallon per day version,...


MIT Student Creates Robotic Helper From A Lamp (video)


A crafty MIT student has, well, crafted a robot out of a desk lamp. Natan Linder’s LuminAR robotic lamp can display images and text via an embedded Pico Projector, helping with your homework. It also recognizes hand movements via a webcam, moving left when a hand swipes left, or playing...

Printable Solar Cells

Printable Solar Cells Revealed By MIT Researchers


How would you like to score some of those tax credits associated with the installation of solar panels on your home? I know I would. While I don’t think MIT’s printable solar cells will qualify any time soon, the convenience and accessibility should out weigh any monetary breaks from the...

Wound Device

Get Better Faster With This $3 Wound Recovery Device


What the ‘F’!  I had no clue that applying negative pressure (i.e. suction) to a wound, yeah those things that bleed, could cause it to accelerate the healing process.  Now an MIT student – they’re taking over the world, wait that already happened – has developed a system that is...

MIT Touchless Screen

MIT Media Lab Debuts Touchless LCD Screen


In the past few years, we’ve gone from keyboards and buttons to touchscreens, a fact that some people are still getting used to. Now, we may get rid of the touching altogether. The MIT Media Lab has created a motion screen computer that senses light and movement from the person...


MIT Students Put Homemade Satellite Into Orbit–Cost: $150


Considering that NASA’s been whining about not having enough budget for the last couple years, it really makes them look bad to discover what a couple kids from MIT did the other day. While NASA’s assembling teams have needed millions of dollars to launch one satellite, two guys from MIT...


MIT’s GreenWheel Is The Next Electrical Bike


I’m sorry, I thought the whole purpose of riding a bike was for exercise and powering yourself from one location to the next off of the proverbial grid?  An MIT student, Ryan Chin, has invented the GreenWheel.  Although I applaud him for his ingenuity, the moniker makes a mockery of...