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LEGO Daft Punk

Daft Punk Made From LEGOs

The electro duo Daft Punk have been making headlines with the release of their highly anticipated single “Get Luck” from their next album “Random Access Memories,” and  now New York-based Jake Meier (aka autorazr) has created some cool minifigs of the French electronic music duo. The custom-built LEGO minifies also...

Breaking Bad LEGO

“Breaking Bad” LEGO Mini Fig is Yours for $18


Citizen Brick creates custom printed LEGO mini figs.  Their collection, at least so far, is somewhat limited.  But that isn’t to say it ain’t worth a look, especially if you’ve got a “Breaking Bad” penchant. Titled the “Chemistry Enthusiast”, it’s pretty clear that this minifig is modeled after Bryan Cranston’s...