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Princeton Mini Projector: The Toyjector


What could possible be the cutest thing you own minus the Hello Kitty toilet seat comes the Toyjector from Princeton.  Not being one of those words that rolls off the tongue, the baby little Toyjector displays images with a resolution of 300 x 224 (QVGA), a contrast ratio of 100:1,...


Brando’s Mini-Flexible Mic For The iPhone


For those of you trying to get more audio fidelity out of your iPhones, than this new mini-microphone from Brando just might do the trick.  Capable of swiveling and angling, this mini-shotgun mic is supposedly 10 times better than the regular iPhone one. Boosting input gain by +25db, this tiny...


Official: Nokia Mini N97


Nokia officially announced the slimmed down version of their N97, the Mini N97. The cut backs aren’t drastic as this version features a 3.2-inch versus a 3.5-inch touchscreen, lacks a d-pad and a slightly smaller footprint. Nokia also says they’ve injected this version with “flick-scrolling”…. To continue reading “Official: Nokia...


Gadget Leak: Mini Nokia N97 Spotted


I didn’t see this one coming.  Apparently, there is a mini Nokia N97 floating around out there some where.  It’s possible that the smaller touchscreen, QWERTY phone was conceived at the same time as the N97 and just didn’t make it to market.  But since the N97 is a bit...


Riff Rocker Is Pocket Sized Guitar Hero


Feeding an addiction is usually a no-no, but perhaps exceptions should be made for the die hard fans of Guitar Hero.  The Riff Rocker is a portable – like pocket sized – Guitar Hero like devices that can travel with you any where you go.  To get in some axe...

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