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BrainAthlete TechnoHuman Golf Hat


The road to human machine unity has got to start somewhere, and while nobody will be able to really pinpoint the actual start of mind-reading devices – as there have been a bunch of under-marketed and under-performing devices over the past 10 years – part of the humble beginnings of...

Mind Control TV Remote

A Mind Controlled TV Remote (video)


The Emotiv Epoc headset was largely developed for the gaming world.  But one man, some where in a remote location in his dank basement outfitted the headset with an Adriuno board and laptop to let him control physical objects.  Before you get too excited we’re talking about turning the television...


CES: Mattel MindFlex Hands On (video) (update)

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The Mindflex from Mattel is one of those toys every adult wants to try. The included headset reads your brain waves and based on your conginitive power it either increases or decreases the built-in fan's output. The goal of the game? Place the ball through the hoops. ...