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Star Wars Guitar

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Guitar (video)


[GR]83bEEKeoYaI[/GR] Generally speaking, picking up the gold old axe tends to attract the ladies.  But something tells us that this Star Wars inspired guitar will do anything but.  In fact, it might have them running for the closest escape pod, unless of course they’re a Princess Leia impersonator, and even...

RC Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Flying Star Wars Millenium Falcon, Who Doesn’t Want One

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Sure, you could take issue with the fact that it’s mostly a helicopter, but nothing beats adding another Star Wars toy to your creepy manchild Star Wars toy collection…in your Mom’s basement…where you live.  Hasbro’s remote-controlled flying Millennium Falcon will be available this fall for $50 and boast the title...