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See The Navy’s Railgun In Action (video)


For a long, long time, SF fans have been reading about railguns. And for just as long a time, the promise has been there to actually see one of these in action, only for it to need to go back to the lab. But this time, from the looks of...


The SPARCS Camera Grenade Sends Cameras Flying


The grenade is probably one of the most oddly iconic weapons in human history. We make everything from mugs to Airsoft toys out of them. But the grenade is constantly being improved, and has more new ideas applied to the form factor. Like, for example, the SPARCS Camera Grenade. Droneless...


F-16 Fighter Jets Can Now Be Converted To Unmanned Drones


The F-16 was one of the iconic fighter jets of the twentieth century, but, like all military hardware, it was eventually replaced by something else and retired to a stately desert to quietly rust away. At least until Boeing decided they could totally turn them into awesome robots. F-16 Unmanned...


Gerber’s Downrange Tomahawk And Knife Are Built For Trouble


Gerber is well known for their edged tools, and the Downrange line looks to be an interesting addition to that legacy. Albeit the tomahawk Gerber has developed more than the knife, but both are pretty good. Knives Out Let’s start with the Downrange Knife. It’s a nice knife, but it’s...

tihk key

Evade Unlawful Handcuff Restraint With The TIHK Key (video)


Getting arrested isn’t fun, obviously. But what if you’re unlawfully handcuffed for no good reason? Most likely, you won’t do anything if you’re illegally restrained with handcuffs, fearing punishment if you fight or question the law. But now you don’t have to with the creation of the TIHK – Tiny Inconspicuous...


Rhino Skin Kevlar Backpack Protects You From Bombs


While we may be a bit nervous sometimes, America is actually a pretty safe place; we don’t have bombs constantly going off in the street, for example. Other countries are not so lucky, which is where the Rhino Skin comes into play. Essentially, it’s a bulletproof vest with a backpack...

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3D-Printed Semi-Automatic Fires More Than 600 Rounds (video)


Cody Wilson and his nonprofit Texas organization, Defense Distributed, uses 3D printing technology. He just released a video that showcases one of his guns firing off more than 600 rounds, which demonstrates a new surge of interest in semi-automatic and automatic weapons that are made using the additive manufacturing process....


DNA “Bullets” Tag Criminals So They Can Be Found Later


Criminals getting away? Mark them with DNA! Selectamark, a British security company, has unveiled its SelectaDNA High Velocity System, designed to help police and military mark potential suspects when an arrest is not possible (likely due to a chaotic situation involving multiple people). With SelectaDNA pistols and rifles, you can...