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Archos Announces Android Internet Media Tablet With Built-in Phone


Archos released a press release today detailing what is to be a ‘new ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet’.  Unfortunately, no pics we’re delivered but the device will combine Google’s Android mobile platform with ARCHOS’ multimedia framework and be supported by Texas Instruments OMAP3 processor, which is said to deliver a laptop...


Digifriends & Nextwave Get Into Bed, Make M3 MID


MID devices are on the rise and there to capture the hot market is a partnership between Korea-based Digifriends and Nextwave.  I’ve never heard of either company, but their M3 MID doesn’t look too shabby. At its core is Intel’s 1.2Ghz Silverthorn processor and a 4.8-inch 1024×600 touchscreen.  Storage comes...


A No Named MID Rocking WiFi, WiMax, WiBro, and HSDPA

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Talk about connectivity.  Yesterday we saw the first ever WiMax/GSM phone, the Max 4G.  This 4.8-inch touchscreen (1024×600) MID, which seems to have no name but comes from a Korean company called UMID, features WiBro, HSDPA, WiMAX, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (WiBro is for the Korean market).  Under the hood...


iRiver’s Ex-CEO Releases The Mintpad


iRiver's Ex-CEO has finally unveiled his latest product, the Mintpad. The 2.86" device is yet another PMP/MID with some touchscreen wizardry built-in. It'll play your movies and music, show off your photos and allows you to jot some notes with the included stylus. ...