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Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft with HoloLens for Real-World Play


While Microsoft has shown off some very cool applications for things like HoloLens and potential software for collaboration and even AR robots, we’ve hadn’t seen many products aimed at the consumer masses…not until E3, when Microsoft took HoloLens to the people and showed off a Minecraft app. The idea is simple and...


Gamers Rejoice: Xbox One 1TB Bundle Coming in June


Major Nelson has announced some major updates for the Xbox One, including a new bundle that includes an upgraded console with a lot of extra storage room. In theory, the 500GB on the original Xbox One model seems like quite a lot, but when you get around to downloading all...


Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to iOS and Android Devices


Do you prefer Cortana to Siri or Google’s Now commands? Then you’re in luck! Starting this summer, you’ll be able to download Microsoft’s Cortana onto your iOS and Android devices to bring up the assistant no matter what platform you prefer. Windows devices still get the majority of Cortana advantages...


Xbox Update Includes New Voice Messaging and More


The latest update for the Xbox One has come to Xbone consoles everywhere, and this one includes several new features that users have been wanting for some time now. Let’s break the Xbox update down. First, players have the ability to exchange voice messages. This is a pretty huge add-on...

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Microsoft’s HoloLens AR Robot is Cute and Very Exciting


Microsoft has released more tantalizing hints about how its HoloLens system can be used at the Build 2015 conference, with a heavy emphasis on innovative VR. When Microsoft took the stage for the keynote address, the speakers did not come alone. A small, wheeled contraption with a mounted camera followed....

Microsoft foldable keyboard

Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard


If there’s one thing that’s important to anyone trying to get any serious work done on their tablet, it’s a reliable, working keyboard. It’s an absolute necessity when away from the office. But the problem with the majority of tablet keyboards is that they’re either too small because manufacturers know how...

Windows 10 logo

What is Windows 10?


Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been an important part of the lives of the majority of PC users over the past decade. Before there was even a Mac OS, there was a Windows. And to this date, Windows is still largely leading the market when it comes to operating systems....