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The iQ5 Microphone Gives Your iPhone Videos Better Sound


More than ever, we’re recording video with our iPhones, but that creates a problem; the iPhone’s microphones are tiny and designed for close-up conversation, not broad, expansive videos. The iQ5 looks to change that with a microphone that will record expansive audio, even if you’ve got your iPhone tilted to...

Scosche freedomMic

freedomMIC Adds Wireless Lavalier Mic To Flip Ultra HD 2


We didn’t cover it, but Cisco released new Flip cameras yesterday. They include a new port (the FlipPort) on the bottom for adding 3rd party accessories.  Today, Scosche announced the first one. It’s called the freedomMIC and includes two pieces: a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into the bottom of the...


Zoom H1 Makes High Quality Recording Portable


Sure, there’s plenty of handheld portable audio recorders out there, but to say that their quality is a little lacking is an understatement. (Fun fact: the “professional” audio recorder the bozos on Ghost Adventures use is the same crappy one I got from Radio Shack for $25 bucks.) To fix...


The Zoom Q3 Camcorder Is All About The Professional Audio


Until recent, the focus of pocket sized (aka FlipShare) camcorders has been video quality, while audio has played second fiddle.  Fiddle no more says Samson.  Today the company introduced the Q3 Handy Video Recording.  It records 640×480 video, but the microphone is the main stay of this camcorder.  Using the...