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The Osteoid Is The Next Step In Bone Healing


Most of us will break a bone at some point in our lives. No matter how hard our bones are, we’re often willing to push them a little too far. So why not have a fashionable cast that not only looks good, but helps your bones heal? That’s the idea...


The PillCam Will Make Middle Age Less Humiliating


As we age, there are many indiginities visited upon us for the sake of our longer-term health. Ask anybody who’s been told that they’re getting a colonoscopy how, precisely, that makes them feel. But fortunately, science can also figure out ways to spare our dignity, which is where the PillCam...


Science May Start Giving Us Wolverine-Esque Healing Factors


Everybody knows that Wolverine’s real power is his healing factor. Sure, the claws are fun, having adamantium bonded to your skeleton is useful, but it’s the fact that he can survive a power dive to the concrete or a crate of whiskey to the liver that makes Wolverine awesome. And...


White Blood Cell “Magnet” Will Help Diagnose Disease


The dots in that video above? Fifteen microns in length. What you’re seeing is white blood cells sorting out of a blood sample, and something that may save lives. Many diagnoses in medicine depend on knowing your white blood cell count. As your white blood cells are your body’s defense...