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CliniHub Identifies Breast Cancer In Just Minutes


Can watching too much Star Trek make you sick? Find out almost instantly with this gadget from the future…of Britain. The handheld device, reminiscent of the Dr Spock’s ‘tricorder’ but baptized CliniHub, was developed by British scientists and can identify major diseases from breast cancer to MRSA in just minutes....

Wound Device

Get Better Faster With This $3 Wound Recovery Device


What the ‘F’!  I had no clue that applying negative pressure (i.e. suction) to a wound, yeah those things that bleed, could cause it to accelerate the healing process.  Now an MIT student – they’re taking over the world, wait that already happened – has developed a system that is...

bluetooth heart monitor

Remote Heart Monitoring Powered By Bluetooth


If you or someone you love has chronic heart problems, like the kind that took my grandfather, then you might well be interested to hear about the results of the three month test that’s currently in its second month for a kind of portable heart monitor that can send data...


U Tag: Medical Dog Tag With A Built-in Flash Drive

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Bracelets or necklaces with listed medical allergies are nothing new. But too often the information is limited, especially if the person wearing it is incapacitated. A former British SAS soldier, who used to sew a USB flash drive containing his info into clothing while in Afghanistan, has taken the idea...