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Medal Of Honor Release Date Announced (video)


EA’s counter measure to the next Call Of Duty game, Medal of Honor, will launch in the US on October 12th and in the EU on October 15th.  Following this announcement EA posted a new trailer called “Leave A Message”.  Unfortunately, no actual game play is shown, which will leave...

Medal Of Honor Trailer 2

New Medal Of Honor Trailer Released (video)


Unfortunately, no real game play is shown, but here is the newest trailer for the next Medal Of Honor video game.  Will it rival the COD series?  Hard to say, but EA is behind it and prior to Activision’s record breaking game they ruled the FPS shooter, at least when...


Gaming Rumor: New Medal Of Honor Game To Be Modern Warfare Style

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Looks like perhaps EA wants to get in on this whole Modern Warfare madness.  Isn’t that what Battlefield: Bad Company is?  Good thing for EA that Activision doesn’t have an exclusive Modern Combat license right! The rumblings going around consist of an ex-EA production intern from 2008 posting somewhere that...