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Kids Walker Cyclops Mech

Japan Sells $20K Mech For Kids (video)

Rich kids in Japan can bug their parents to dish out $20,000 for a fresh-from-the-factory, pint-sized, ride-able mech for them. These things are rolling out of mecha manufacturers in Japan by Sakakibara Machinery Works and those lucky enough with an extra $20K to spare can snatch one up. A while back,...


Hawken Hands-On (E3 Preview)


There are only a few games from E3 that I can say without a doubt I’m dying to play, for the first time or again and again. Hawken was my second appointment at E3, and after a full day on the show floor, it’s the one game I’ve played that...


Never Buy This For Your Kid. Never. (video)


Cost of making your kid impervious to bullies? $21,600. Possible cost to society resulting from outfitting a young boy with a Japanese built 400lb hydraulic mech-suit? Does not compute. Children are not the mellowest of creatures, and boys especially are given to nightmarish fantasies and terrifying outbursts. So we must...