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PantryChic Makes Baking Easier and Cleaner


With the new Kickstarter PantryChic in your kitchen, you’ll never need to use measuring cups ever again, meaning you’ll have less dishes to wash and less of a mess to clean up! The ingredient store and dispense system controls portions, measures precisely and dispenses those ingredients with the simple push...

Silo Food Container

Silo Food Container Automatically Measures


Bake much?  Then you know that flour is a major component in most if not all great confectioner’s treats.  Breaking out the measuring spoons is a task in itself.  You need to ensure you don’t over pour, compact the flour too much and worst yet, if you spill, which you...


SmartMeasure Cup Does The Measuring For You


For a designer, there can’t be a more satisfying feeling than seeing your product go from concept to reality.  Such is the case of  The SmartMeasure Cup.  Embedded in the handles is a backlit LCD screen that displays how much liquid is in its cup, while a set ‘intuitive controls’...