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Nexus 4 vs Samsung S4 Google Edition-004

7 of the Most Anticipated Phones of 2013: Are They Worth Your Money? (list)

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From the iPhone 5S to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 2013 is indeed closing with a buzz as a plethora of exciting handsets flood the market. Elated and curious about their features, rumors and leaks are popping up here and there – everywhere. However, will these devices prove to be...


Motorola RAZR MAXX boast 21 hour battery life (CES)


The Motorola Droid Razr is one of the few high-end smartphones that we haven’t yet had our hands on, but by all accounts it is one of the best phones available on Verizon. It also is the thinnest phone out (though the Huawei Ascend P1 S will soon take that...


GiiNii Movit Mini Release Date Announced + Bigger Brother Movit Maxx Appears


When we attended CES earlier this year we crossed paths with a product called the Movit Mini from GiiNii.  At the time its launch window was pegged for summer of this year.  Now the company anticipates an October 1st launch and plans to roll out a home based version, the...