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halo needler replica

The ‘Halo’ Needler is Now a Dart Gun


One of the best guns to use in the Halo franchise is the Needler, a rapid-firing, easy-to-pick-up-and-use piece of sci-fi weaponry that homes in on your targets. Now, the Needler has been translated into a toy dart gun for you to torture your dog with, minus the homing part. Debuted at the 2015 New...

HOT WHEELS Car Maker Playset main

Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset Review

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attel’s Hot Wheels has been, and continues to be a successful toy franchise of cars and accessories that most little boys enjoy playing with. But to attain the status of a “big boy” toy, Hot Wheels has to offer even more…as in being able to actually MAKE the Hot Wheels...

Monster Hot Wheels Track

2,000 Foot Hot Wheels Track (video)


[GR]BzTRTQkmHpU[/GR] It must be nice to be unemployed ? Why, because we’d sit at home and make ridiculously useless, yet super fun things such as this monster Hot Wheels track. One Hot Wheel car travels over 2000 feet of track and traverses stairs, jumps a ravine (jacuzzi), swirls through an...

Angry Birds Board Game

Mattel Gets Greedy With Angry Birds Real Life Game

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Mattel is throwing its weight around with a totally unnecessary and hopefully ill-fated Angry Birds plastic play-set that follows the playing model of the computer game – launching birds at a makeshift pig fortress. But what’s a fun, addictive and terribly repetitive virtual endeavor will get tiring fast. Why pick...


CES: Mattel MindFlex Hands On (video) (update)

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The Mindflex from Mattel is one of those toys every adult wants to try. The included headset reads your brain waves and based on your conginitive power it either increases or decreases the built-in fan's output. The goal of the game? Place the ball through the hoops. ...