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Get Your Best ZZZs With The Napwell Mask


As adults, napping is hard to come by and when you do take the time out for a siesta, sometimes you wake up more groggy than when you first napped. That’s where the Napwell mask comes in. The Kickstarter campaign wants to you get the best nap in the world...

White Walker Mask

An Ultra Real GOT White Walker Mask You Need to See

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GOT, as in Game Of Thrones, just wrapped their third season.  If you watch the show then I know you’re already pining for more.  Unfortunately, you’ll likely have to wait 12-months to once again witness what might be the most deborturous and entertaining show on TV.  Until then you can pick...

Bane Mask

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask


Who will you be this Halloween?  Just a wild guess, but something tells us you’re considering a costume inspired from the film “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Batman, while always badass, is a bit played out.  The alternative, Bane. So the reviews are a bit mixed, but this Bane mask, which...

Real-F Mask

Real-F Life Like Masks


A Japanese company called Real-f has perfected a way to make a life like photocopy of your face or head, which you can then take home and hang on your wall.  We’re assuming Real-f stands for “really freaky.” For $3,900 Real-f will scan your face and produce a mask that...