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Google Android Maps 4.1

Google Android Maps 4.1 Released


Google has updated its Maps application for Android to version 4.1, bringing a slew of improvements, including a new swipe gesture for moving between results, a Latitude widget for the Android’s home screen, a redesigned results page, and support for multiple Google accounts. In addition, a live updated wallpaper of...

AT&T Sues Verizon Over Theres A Map For That Commercial (video)


I totally saw this one coming.  AT&T has sued Verizon over their some what hilarious ‘there’s a map for that’ commercial – it parodies Apple’s ‘there’s an app for that’ ads.  Video below. The commercial displays two US maps comparing Verizon’s robust 3G coverage versus AT&Ts spotty 3G coverage.  AT&T...


The Google Rocket Launches New Google Maps Camera


Google, along with Geoeye and Boeing put a camera in space yesterday that’ll enable some ‘extreme close ups’ (thanks Garth and Wayne). The DoD is in on it too, so the camera’s full potential is limited to a half of meter of detail, although it can achieve .41 meter close...