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Levitron: Float any Object (video)


Collect small trinkets?  Are they piling up on your desk and you just don’t know which one to feature this week?  Boy, do we have the answer.  The Levitron Revolution.  This device, which is no larger than a cup warmer, uses “EZ Float Technology” to suspend your precious objects, that weigh...

Magnetic Light Switch Cover

Magnetic Light Switch Cover


Sometimes brilliance comes in the most simplest of forms.  The Magnetic Light Switch Cover really needs no explanation, but for the sake of posterity (and driving some traffic to this post by way of a search engine), we’ll provide one.  It’s a standard sized (USA) light switch cover that incorporates...

Magnetic Silly Putty

Magnetic Silly Putty (video)


Like silly putty?  How about magnets?  Who doesn’t!  The Magnetic Thinking Putty is the best of both worlds.  Practical purpose?  None that we can think of, but it’s makes for some really cool looking time lapse videos as found below. You can buy it for $14, though it’s sold out...


Wooden Magnetic Key Rack


Figure it out yet?  This is a key rack that has a magnet hidden beneath its wooden exterior.  I think it’s a concept only, which I usually shy away from, but the idea is so close to reality I really want one in my entrance way.  Course, you have to...

Floating Beer Holder

Magnetic Floating Beer Holder, Yes It’s Real


70-inch flat screen still not impressing your friends?  Try out the Magentic Floating Revolving 18-LED Beer Display.  Using the magic of magnets this device will actually suspend your beer of choice, or any metal capped beverage that doesn’t weigh more than 580g, in mid air.  And if that isn’t enough...


What You Need This Holiday: LED Magnetic Lights


What do you get when you combine magnets and LED lights? According to ThinkGeek: LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti. For $10 you'll get 20 multicolored LEDs that can be stuck to just about anything metal. Each LED includes a non-replaceable, built-in battery that will get you 48 hours...