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Madden’s Deluxe Edition Comes With A Lot Of Free Football


The Madden series of video games is like everything I have ever disliked crammed into one disc. Seriously. I can’t stand the NFL as a corporation, John Madden is the most irritating human being to ever get behind a microphone, sports games fill me with a distaste bordering on loathing,...

Microsoft's New Xbox: What To Expect

Microsoft’s New Xbox: What To Expect


With less than 24 hours left to go before Microsoft's next-gen Xbox event, we've compiled a list of games and features that are sure to be making an appearance on the new console. Here's what you should expect from tomorrow's headlining presentation....


Madden NFL 2010 Game Review (Xbox 360)


By now we all know what a behemoth the Madden franchise is and the impact it has had on sports gaming in general.  Some cherish it and some loathe it, but it’s the only licensed NFL game available, so play it you must. I remember a time when football gaming...