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Here Is A Machine Gun That Shoots Paper Airplanes (video)


Really, the very concept is self explanatory, but we just like saying it: Paper airplane machine gun. You point, you pull the trigger, it gets up to speed, and then paper airplanes come flying out of the barrel. It’s like an adorable video game weapon come to life. But how...


Spray Paint Machine Gun


Getting gunned down as a result of protesting against an oppressive nation, that’s one thing.  But getting shot while spray painting the word “protest,” which, sure, is in the same vein, but that just seem straight up Darwinian. This is the Spraygun Machine Gun.  Okay, yes it’s symbolic of so much more, but we...

AK47 Vodka Bottle

AK-47 Vodka Bottle


It may seem too blissful to be true, but we actually found the perfect, and we mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T complement to the AK-47 ice cube tray.  We’re not kidding, it really is the ultimate match.  What is it?  An AK-47 Vodka Bottle!  It doesn’t get more fitting than that, does it?...